Bruce Brown Is the Nets’ ‘Swiss Army Knife’

By the time he turned 13, Brown had grown to be 6-foot-1 and 145 pounds. He started competing for the Boston Amateur Basketball Club, a youth travel group, under Leo Papile, a scout for the Los Angeles Clippers who once worked for the Celtics.
Browns mom, Roberta, saw his athletic capability and desired him to have access to more academic resources at Wakefield. So Brown woke up at the first light to get on a bus to the suburbs. By his senior year, he was at Vermont Academy and Division I college scouts from all across the country were calling Simpson, Papile and Alex Popp, his coach at Vermont Academy, to ask about him.
Brown would take a three-hour bus trip to Boston from Vermont on Thursday nights, take his high school classes remotely on Friday, and after that fly to Indiana, Los Angeles or Philadelphia for games with the B.A.B.C. group.
Browns parents had divorced, and his mom had actually transferred to Atlanta for a task with Delta Air Lines, and he was unable to stay with his father in the Boston location. Papile set him up in a little basement apartment below a popular New York Pizza shop in a structure he owned in Roxbury. Colloquially known as The Club among B.A.B.C. gamers, the building acted as a bed-and-breakfast and a workplace, Papile stated. “Bruce might run up the stairs and they would hook him up with pizza,” he said. “It was very family-oriented.”
With advice from Papile, Simpson and others, Brown selected to play college basketball in Florida for the University of Miami and invested two seasons under Coach Jim Larranaga, averaging 11.7 points, 6.2 rebounds and 3.5 assists in 52 video games, 48 as a starter. He went to Wakefield in between his 2 seasons, and Simpson opened the schools health club for him to practice– the very same gym where he charmed his peers, and his coaches, with dunks and with his tenacity.
” Hes that blue-collar, strait-laced gamer wholl get the ball by any ways necessary,” Papile said. “That function is invaluable on a superteam like the Nets.”