Its Only Fitting That Pray Tells Family on Pose Would Be Played by Black TV Legends

The last season of FXs Pose seems to be setting us up for a number of heartbreaking farewells, and in the most recent episode, we find out that Pray Tell (Billy Porter) might be dying from AIDS-related lymphoma. After being told he has six months to live by “a white guy in a laboratory coat with cheap shoes,” Pray chooses its time he tells those he cares for that he likes them and forgive those whove mistreated him in the past. This brings him home to Pennsylvania for the very first time in 20 years to reconnect with his household, and obviously, Pose delivered when it came to casting Amens Anna Maria Horsford as his mother and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Airs Janet Hubert and 227/Sister, Sisters Jackée Harry as his aunts.
” When @janetmock & & I went over Pray Tells mom and aunties we KNEW we required actors who are right away recognizable and whose work is timeless,” showrunner Steven Canals tweeted during the episodes premiere May 16. “Enter @AMHorsford, @JackeeHarry, & & @OGJanetHubert! Youre welcome world.” A fan of the show from the start, Harry tweeted her enjoyment for the episode, saying, “Words cant describe how thrilled I am to have actually been included in the last season of #PoseFX. As a huge fan since day 1, to appear on-screen with this groundbreaking cast is really a dream come to life! Immense thanks to @janetmock & & @StevenCanals for bringing me into your world.” Horsford likewise shared that she was “honored to be a part of this powerful episode about fact, faith, and approval.”
You all held an area in my life,” Hubert informed the New York Post. “And we were so touched … We were on a Zoom read, and we were crying because he was so sincere in saying, You all held a location for me at a time where he required something.”