Kenny Omega Beats Orange Cassidy, PAC; Retains AEW Title at Double or Nothing

Picture credit: AEW

In the end, the champion won with old style fumbling as he countered Cassidys tried pin into a crucifix.
Sundays match became main on May 12 when Cassidy and PAC faced off in a match on Dynamite to figure out the No. 1 competitor for the AEW world title.


Sundays match featured 3 special competitors, that made for an engaging encounter, but in the end it was Omega who retained the title and prevailed as the majority of expected
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Kenny Omega beat Orange Cassidy and PAC in a three-way match at Double or Nothing on Sunday to maintain the AEW World Championship.
Omega and Don Callis didnt shy away from taking advantage of the no-disqualification stipulation. Callis pulled the referee out of the ring to break up a pinfall for Cassidy. Omega was more direct and assaulted the referee before hitting PAC with numerous title belts.
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Omega and Callis boasted afterward, saying that because there was no winner, Omega would not have to safeguard the title at Double or Nothing. However Tony Schiavone quickly stepped in and notified the titleholder he would have to resist both males.
The Belt Collector went into Double or Nothing having actually held the AEW World Championship for almost six months, including it to the AAA Mega Championship and the Impact World Championship.
Meanwhile, Cassidy and PAC entered into Double or Nothing having never held a title in AEW despite coming close on a number of celebrations.
The Bastard was the typical thread in the match considering that he has substantial experience facing both opponents, with his competition against Omega essentially going back to the start of the promo.
PAC beat Omega at All Out in 2019 before losing 2 subsequent matches to him on Dynamite. PAC also owned a pay-per-view win over Cassidy, beating him at Revolution 2020.

Cassidy and PAC were Nos. 1 and 2 in the guyss singles rankings going into the contest, meaning the winner would remain in sole belongings of the top spot. There was no conclusive surface to their bout.
OC seemed to suffer a genuine injury throughout the match, which resulted in an audible being called. Callis and Omega got involved, and The Cleaner set out The Bastard with the AEW World Championship belt while the referees back was turned.
With both Cassidy and PAC knocked out, the referee counted to 10 and the match was ruled a draw due to a double count-out.