‘Pose’ Season 3: Where Damon’s Character Went in the Final Season

Some fans speculated that Damon passed away, but the reality is, he was written out of the program partially due to the fact that of a family disaster that Swain dealt with last summer. Season 2 was 1991. This season is 1994. Season 2 was 1991. This season is 1994.

Damon is included in the very first couple episodes of the season, at a watch party for the O.J. Simpson car chase and offering Pray Tell a book on alcoholism, revealing that he d formerly spent time in Alcoholics Anonymous. But by the end of the second episode, Damon is practically a ghost, leaving fans to hypothesize where he disappeared to.

Some fans hypothesized that Damon died, however the reality is, he was composed out of the show partly due to the fact that of a household disaster that Swain faced last summer season. In July, Swains sibling was shot and killed in Birmingham, Ala., at age 24. “The inconceivable happened last night, my heart, little sibling, my ride or pass away, my partner in life took her dying breath,” Swain wrote in a since-deleted Instagram post.

Okay Yall. To be clear– Damon did NOT pass away. He fell back (alcohol addiction) and moved to be with a cousin in Charleston. #PoseFX– Steven Canals (@StevenCanals) May 3, 2021.

” Okay Yall. To be clear– Damon did NOT pass away. He relapsed (alcohol addiction) and relocated to be with a cousin in Charleston,” Canals said.

” Regarding Damons alcohol addiction– yes, he went over being an alcoholic in the premiere! Likewise, season 2 was 1991. This season is 1994. A lot occurs in 3 years!!!” Canals stated.

Canals took to Twitter this Monday to clarify for fans that Damon– whos been an essential character on “Pose” given that he was kicked out of his house in Season 1, leading him to ballroom mom Blanca and your home of Evangalista– didnt pass away, however moved to South Carolina.

Season 2 was 1991. This season is 1994.

While Steven Canals didnt straight state Swains individual trials were the factor he was less of a component in “Pose” season 3, he did indicate that in a recent interview with Out Magazine. “As one of our member of the family, we desired to honor that and provide him the space that he required,” Canals informed “Out.”.

When a fan asked why Canals stated “relapsed,” since it wasnt clearly said that he was an alcoholic, Canals said this had in fact been raised in the program prior to.

Season 3 of “Pose” is streaming now on FX, and fans may see a familiar face is somewhat absent– Damon, played by Ryan Jamaal Swain, isnt around much in the final season.

” Pose” Season 3 is now streaming on FX. Seasons 1 and 2 of the program are likewise offered on Netflix.