AEW Dynamite: Fan Tries to Jump Into Ring During Chris Jericho/MJF Segment

The stipulations – or Labors of Jericho – are set out from @The_MJF to @IAmJericho. And MJF is ALSO laid out by a #JudasEffect!
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— All Elite Wrestling (@AEW) July 8, 2021

The sector validated Jericho would have to withstand “The Labors of Jericho” in order to get another individually match with MJF. “Le Champion” will have to win four successive matches, each of which with stipulations set by Friedman.

Well, it seems as when “Judas” was playing a fan attempted to jump the ring.” Obviously, we have a genuine diamond here in MJF,” Jericho stated. If he goes to Japan, itll probably just be for a program or 2. There is a lot to be stated about having that around the world experience for all the reasons that I just stated, however I dont understand if thats ever actually going to happen anymore.”

” But times have altered and traveling the world isnt actually like it was when I was starting out,” he included. I truly was headlining arenas in Japan and Mexico and Germany. There is a lot to be stated about having that around the world experience for all the reasons that I simply stated, however I do not understand if thats ever truly going to happen anymore.”

A fan just attempted to attack Chris Jericho and MJF.

The camera remove before the fan might be seen, however videos drawn from the crowd revealed the man was come by security on the entryway ramp. Jericho and Friedman continued their segment, with Jericho joking he needs to have let the fan beat him up.

Well, it appears as when “Judas” was playing a fan tried to leap the ring. Wild. #AEWDynamite @FightfulMMA @Fightful
— Daniel Yanofsky (@DanYanofskyMMA) July 8, 2021

A fan simply attempted to assault Chris Jericho and MJF. “I welcome any other one of you fat white garbage hicks to leap in the ring too, so I can beat your ass!”
— by GIFSkull (@SkullsMedia) July 8, 2021

During an interview with ComicBook back in April, Jericho discussed MJFs future as a pillar of AEWs future. The set have been collaborating (initially as tag partners, now as rivals) for roughly 9 months.

AEW Dynamites go back to road proved to be eventful on Wednesday night. After the show dealt with a power blackout in the opening bout in between Cody Rhodes & & QT Marshall (later exposed to be WWEs Aleister Black, now Malakai Black) Chris Jericho and MJF had their in person briefly disrupted when a fan tried to enter the ring.

” Obviously, we have a real diamond here in MJF,” Jericho stated. “But as excellent as he is, he doesnt have that worldwide experience, which you require to have in some methods. At least when I was coming through the system, you needed to have that international flavor, not just for wrestling style, however like I said, life lessons. And it actually grows you to be on the other side of the world on your own. Things will never be that way for Max due to the fact that hes such a huge star in the States. If he goes to Japan, itll probably simply be for a show or 2. I dont really see him going into the Championship Carnival, or the G1 Tournament. But if he did, that probably would be really good for him.