MB&F x LEpee 1839 Balthazar Robot Clock

Some individuals take a look at robotics as the arrival of the future assured in shows like The Jetsons. Others see them as risks. Balthazar, the robotic clock from MB&F x LEpée 1839, plays with these alternate views. On one side is a friendly robotic, with leaping hours and routing minutes discs on his chest and a power indication in his stubborn belly. Spin him around 180º and youll meet a Terminator- like hazard coupled with a dual hemisphere moon stage indication. On top is the “brain”, or the regulator for the custom-made in-house motion, and his arms articulate at the shoulders and elbows while his hands can grip items. One of those is his guard, which doubles as a time-setting key and clock winder for the 35-day power reserve. Limited to 50 pieces per color in black, silver, blue, or green.