Ask a Health Coach: Sabotage and Eating Healthy in Social Situations

You may translate it as consuming Primal 80% of the time and enjoying your favorite non-primal foods the other 20%– and this can be enacted in numerous methods, from every 5th day being an indulgent day; or one-fifth of every meal being a non-Primal reward food, and so on. Or possibly you use that 20% for those times youre out and about and decide its much easier to go with the flow and have the bun (or the french fries or the crème brulee).

Maria asked:” How do you handle social circumstances, specifically a celebration where no one is health minded? The host stated to bring an appetizer and thats it.

Now that the world is opening back up (well … in some locations), were eating out more, going to more parties, and returning to a “new” new normal that in some cases leaves us (or our partners) struggling to discover balance. In this weeks Ask a Health Coach, Erin is here to address your questions about all this, plus far more. Got something to ask? Post your concern in the remarks or in our Marks Daily Apple Facebook group.

The Basics of the 80/20 Principle

If you currently have a good concept what the circumstance looks like, and youre not thinking about eating Standard American Diet fare for an entire weekend, heres an idea: do not


In brief, its less of a rule and more of a standard around keeping you sane. And its the recognition that youve decided to take obligation for your overall health.

Its not an excuse to avoid standing up for whats crucial to you (#boundaries).
Its not intended to make you seem like youre some sort of “diet plan pariah” with fussy and rigorous rules.
Its not set approximately leaving you feeling regret or shame.
Its definitely not something to tension about.

What if You Felt Empowered Instead?

P.S. How to Save on Healthy Food.


( As for whether keto is best for you, since folks truly do simply want me to respond to the darned question … I think its quite “right” for a lot of human beings, a few of the time.)

Feels like a daunting task? Next time you have a thought that feels unfavorable or like something a concern wart or bully would say, provide that voice a name. Personifying the ideas that consistently pop into your mind begins to separate you from those ideas and eventually takes away the power they have over you.

Frame this conversation as an arrangement, rather than an expectation. Instead of telling your partner what you desire or need from them, explain why its important to you and ask if they d want to come to an agreement that is equally helpful. For instance, perhaps you co-create a contract that states that reward foods like cookies are brought home from the store on specially-designated treat days (Treat Tuesday?), and the purchase of said deals with doesnt come out of the shared food budget. That puts some parameters around the deals with, without foisting your health choices on your unwary life partner.


Relax a little. Like I said, 80/20 is an assisting concept– one that goes way beyond simply what you consume. Being successful is less about what you do over the course of one random weekend, and more about what you do over a month, year, or week

The most significant source of dispute I see with my health training clients is the disconnect between what a single person is doing and what they anticipate from their partner. The finest advice I can provide you is to have a well-rounded, fully two-sided conversation about what your food budget is indicated to be invested in. If your hubby brings house cookies when youre abstaining from sugar, you probably feel like hes sabotaging your efforts. What if the man simply likes cookies? Its his spending plan too, and as much as the world would be much better off taking processed food off the table, its not going to occur.

Its possible to feel confident instead of stressing out or currently making plans to combat the aftermath. Youve simply got to have the right tools in your toolbox.

Jackie asked:” I actually stopped working at keto. When I make the effort, I feel fantastic, however Ive absolutely fallen off the wagon. Ive entirely stopped attempting and have put on almost 14 pounds in the last couple of weeks. Its the heaviest Ive ever been. Do you believe keto isnt best for me?”.

Get comfortable saying “no.” A number of my health training customers feel bad about skipping a meal that someone has made from scratch, but how liberating would it be to simply state “no thanks” and after that move on? Practice the art of declining a deal without feeling the requirement to justify your reaction.

Bring your own food. Youre currently bringing an appetizer, so why not bring more? Even if your good friends arent health minded, Im fairly positive no ones going to turn their nose up at a plate of deviled eggs, beef shish kebabs, or a bowl of guac. Charcuterie boards are trending today.

Another thing to bear in mind is that consuming healthy– and that includes low carbohydrate and low sugar items– doesnt necessarily need to cost more. In other words, you might not need to spending plan as much as you believe. Sure, grass-fed beef costs more. And organic fruits and veggies cost more. Nutritious foods dont constantly have to break the bank.

Ever observe how bad reviews get more attention than good reviews? Psychologists call this the negativeness bias, and generally it implies that we tend to sign up negative experiences more rapidly and feel them more deeply. Notice I state hard and not impossible.

How to Reframe Your Thoughts.

Accept flaw. As a recovering perfectionist, I can tell you first-hand that this strategy is essential to reframing your thoughts. Sharpening your capability to accept your flaws permits you to take a look at circumstances as feedback, not failure. Plus, it helps you remain on track because youre not fussing over every little information.

Youre Born with a Negativity Bias.

What strikes me the most isnt the reality that youve put on weight, or whether or not keto is right for you, its your internal discussion. The method you talk to yourself (often called your inner critic), plays a big role in how you live your life. If youre continuously being informed youre a failure or that youre not a * healthy * individual, or that youll simply gain the weight back anyway, its going to be that a lot more of a mental fight to change your ways.

Remember, being healthy isnt almost what youre eating. Its about your sleep, your stress levels, your activity, and your self-talk. Its very important if you wish to achieve health and happiness.

Avoid the store and visit a regional farmers market rather. Do not have a market near you? Frozen fruits and veggies are an excellent option.
Lean cuts of conventionally raised meats are a decent back-up if you cant swing grass-fed.
You do not require them. If budgeting is (one of) the great obstacle( s) in your way, get clear on what you really require in the fridge and pantry.

: you dont have unfavorable thoughts, you have the habit of believing negative thoughts. I realize this is a small shift in language, but it has huge ramifications on how open you are to letting go of things that no longer serve you.

Sometimes folks just want me to just address the darned concern … however I cant assist myself; I need to go deeper.

Its up to you– a health coach can likewise help you through this procedure– to reframe those unfavorable, unpleasant ideas into less devastating ones.

Get Clear on Expectations.

It does not need to be all rainbows and kitties, specifically if youre not feeling it, however acknowledging these thoughts and picking various ones is the initial step to accepting where you are and taking a clear path where you want to go.

Difficulty the negative idea. Look for evidence that the idea isnt real. Regardless, discover proof to dismantle your negative thought.

Ahh, the struggles of navigating self-improvement with a partner whos not absolutely on board. Among the biggest obstacles of consuming a particular way is that not everybody in your household is going to be on the exact same page. Not just that, those people may start to resent (and consequently sabotage) you for taking steps to enhance your health.

Mary asked:” I believe my hubby is a “sabotager.” We designated an account for food shopping, however he keeps dipping into our budget for other things, even though he understands I am attempting to do this low starch and low sugar diet and need special products. How do I get him on my side?”.

Like youre discovering, maybe they invest money allocated for one thing on something else. Or they take a look at you sideways when you buy your burger lettuce-wrapped. And while youre probably not going to get him to ditch his processed food diet, you can prepare for having a more considerate relationship.

How about you? Do you agree? Disagree?

About the Author.

Erin Power is the Coaching and Curriculum Director for Primal Health Coach Institute. She likewise assists her customers restore a loving and trusting relationship with their bodies– while restoring their metabolic health, so they can lose fat and gain energy– via her own private health training practice, eat.simple.

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In this weeks Ask a Health Coach, Erin is here to answer your questions about all this, plus much more. Maria asked:” How do you deal with social situations, particularly a celebration where no one is health minded? Many of my health training clients feel bad about passing up a meal that someone has made from scratch, but how liberating would it be to just say “no thanks” and then move on? Even if your friends arent health minded, Im relatively positive no ones going to turn their nose up at a plate of deviled eggs, beef kabobs, or a bowl of guac. The most significant source of conflict I see with my health coaching customers is the disconnect in between what one individual is doing and what they expect from their partner.