MB&F x LEpee 1839 Balthazar Robot Clock

Some individuals look at robots as the arrival of the future promised in programs like The Jetsons. Others see them as dangers. Balthazar, the robotic clock from MB&F x LEpée 1839, plays with these alternate views. On one side is a friendly robotic, with jumping hours and tracking minutes discs on his chest and a power indicator in his belly. Spin him around 180º and youll fulfill a Terminator- like menace coupled with a dual hemisphere moon phase sign. On top is the “brain”, or the regulator for the custom-made in-house motion, and his arms articulate at the shoulders and elbows while his hands can grip objects. One of those is his guard, which functions as a time-setting secret and clock winder for the 35-day power reserve. Minimal to 50 pieces per color in black, silver, blue, or green.