The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Season-Premiere Recap

Alright, rad, now lets jump 2 months back in time and see whats what.

Jens Auntie Nani stops by Shahlet 2.0 to reveal off her new bionic legs post-double amputation. General tension originating from Jen and Sharrieffs basic instructions? Fingers crossed Jens kids have strong assistance systems since its all just a lot.

A quick break for an infomercial about how Whitney had bad skin, went to the organic food store to mix up some potions (Caroline Calloway, view your back), and now shes a skintrepreneuer! This is all great because her twenty-something stepsons are deprived of a function model who will take shots of Patron in a hot tub filled with dish soap and be a woman boss hustler with equal eagerness. Or something. In my mind, theres just space for one skinfluencer in this cast. And Im sorry, however its going to need to go to the one who offers both a group of skilled medical suppliers AND free laser treatment for those with self-harm/drug usage scars. Perhaps Karen Huger can hook Whitney up with her three-wick candlemaker to efficiently scent all these cavernous Utah houses? In any case, time to pivot.

Hi and invite back to Salt Lake City! I might not compose a single introduction that will top the actual intro to this best, so Im not even going to attempt!

In case you missed particular events playing out in real-time previously this year, Jen Shah was detained on charges of wire-fraud conspiracy and money-laundering conspiracy for her function in an alleged telemarketing scheme. My ringtone in 2004 was the theme to Law & & Order, so I passed the bar by proxy and comprehend that this circumstance is not going to wind up like that time Jax Taylor took a set of sunglasses in Hawaii. Were speaking about 30-year and 20-year maximum prison sentences for each charge.

Mentioning which, Mary Cosby leaves her S1 closet behind to begin building a podcast empire over at Faith Temple Pentecostal Church. She apparently got lonesome throughout the early days of COVID lockdown given that her grandpa-husband was stuck in Florida and her teenage son declined to speak to her (they breezed over this, and Im delighted– let that kid live). The only natural solution? Washing eggs in their shells, narrating wild thoughts to inanimate things, and her new show, “Talking Facts With Mary Cosby.” She confesses to smoking weed but does not confess (yet) to being a cult leader. Sophomore depression be damned, this is a strong start.

Next, we inspect in with Meredith, whos executing her Max & & Bone sponcon to excellence. The Marks have actually vacated their haunted design house and upgraded to a different haunted design home with a substantially better view and much pointier furnishings. Heather arrives directly from the mountain, and over vodka-crans, they capture us up on the state of Meredith and Seth (” excellent”) and the state of Heather (about to live vicariously through her daughters non-BYU college experience in a manner we can just pray will not be weird).

I have some unfortunate news if you thought we were leaving vagina-gate in season one. With Lisa especially absent, Heather, Mary, Whitney, and Meredith collect in a parking lot igloo to chat about their different Shah-rguments. Jen has actually called both Heather and Mary racist. Whitney asks why you d wish to be buddies with somebody who calls you racist, as if being called racist is even worse than in fact being racist. Mary simply says she doesnt require Jens friendship juice, which is a considerably better take. Meredith information Jens homophobia toward Brooks, and of course, there are invoices. Brooks may technically be an adult, but Jen, individualss sexuality is none of your service! Its terrible time management. As a basic guideline, if you dont have a strong “avoid going to federal prison” plan covered, you need to not be investing energy speculating about other individuals. Full stop.

I d also like to take a second to make something perfectly clear. Yes, there will be nonsense forthcoming due to the fact that this is an escapist TV show that I am contractually obligated to clown on, however there are likewise criminal offenses at play that go far beyond Mary Cosbys confessional appearances. While I do not believe Housewives (or anyone else for that matter) exist on a specific good vs. wicked binary, targeting/defrauding hundreds of working-class, often elderly, victims so you can take part in a little bit of Kardashian cosplay is some TRULY NEFARIOUS SHIT. My compassion for entitled scoundrels taking from vulnerable people is non-existent, so unless there is a wild twist happening in act three, I am strongly team “victims of Jen Shah.” Ill spare you my ideas on the prison-industrial complex, however if even a nubbin of these allegations are real, I will be wishing transformative justice or karmic retribution, whichever precedes. In the words of Jen herself, “assalamu alaikum, bitches!”

We kick things off at Shah Chalet 2.0 where Jen comes down to slice some celery sticks to Murilo, her brand-new 2nd Assistant (I actually hope all of these assistants, especially those in the assault video, have strong legal and psychological health support at this moment). Lisas on her way over and will need nourishment to bound around saying, “I like this, I enjoy that, I. Love.” about the brand-new digs, listen to how Jen and Sharrieff nearly got divorced, then gab about brokering peace among the gals. Quick post-reunion catchup: Lisa is pals with Jen and long-term buddies with Meredith, who has beef with Jen. Lisa states that what Jen did to Meredith (perpetuated homophobic things about her kid) is not that various from what Heather & & Whitney did to Lisa (perpetuated lies about her character being usually dismissive). I disagree with that statement and its significance. But likewise, if you cant choose in between relationship with your bestie of 10 years or with somebody you need to hang out with because youre on the very same truth program and oh, theyre likewise dealing with criminal charges where you could be implicated? That is a YOU issue. Anyhow, this whole scene is just here so we can view Jen say, “Girl, you understand Ill go to prison for you. I have not gone to jail yet.”.

Im off to go hunt down Brookss challah dish, but see y all next week for kumbaya chanting, pasta classes, trout fishing, sister-wife discourse, Jen sporting Gizelle Bryants tiara hat in earnest, mud play, and a revisitation of those cult leader accusations. Whichs all before we even get to THE CRIMINAL CHARGES !!!

Finally, Lisa and household head over to the Marks family for Shabbat in honor of Merediths late daddy. Quick aside, I admit the disgraceful quantity of Depop perusing after spotting both Barlow spawn in their matching Off-White x Huxtable sweaters and cozy lil boots. In between this and the RHOP x Telfar project, the PR individuals at Ugg are laying traps, and Im full-body jumping into them. Alas, Lisa attempts to persuade Meredith that she requires to take the initial step and open herself to an apology from Jen. Meredith calls bullshit, gets out her thesaurus, and details Jens vendetta. Lisa compares arguing with Heather about not understanding each other in college to Jen terrifying Merediths household for the last 2 years. Jointly, the females on this show might desire to try getting in touch with each other in times of conflict in manner ins which are not a “pettiness pissing contest.” Its exhausting and seldom the empathy flex they believe it is. Anyway, Meredith says Jen requires to discover a way to treat individuals the very same method she requires to be dealt with. BINGO!!

At last, we get to officially meet the brand-new homemaker! Her name is Jennie, and she informs Lisa how she landed in the U.S. at age 7 after getting away Vietnam, being captured by Thai pirates, and then converting to Christianity to get sponsored haven by a church in Long Beach. She then converted once again to wed her Catholic partner, who has an excellent body however a shit face (her assessment, not mine!). Jennie satisfied Lisa when they bumped literal stomaches at a school function method back when, however relationships are short lived in the Bravo Cinematic Universe, so TBD on where newbies loyalties lie. From her lawn accessories, all we know for sure is “AMERICA.”.

The second Jen appears with the box braids and the cheetah boots and the brown fur? Jen gets a call; we witness her brain leave her body as she pleads Whitney to assist turn her mic off. I gain back consciousness as Whitney checks out off her phone that Jen and 1st Assistant Stu have been charged with stealing individualss cash in an enormously fraudulent cash laundering plan.


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Im off to go hunt down Brookss challah recipe, but see dish all however week for kumbaya chanting, pasta classes, trout fishing, sister-wife discourse, Jen sporting Gizelle Bryants tiara hat in earnest, mud play, and a revisitation of those cult leader allegations.

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Quick post-reunion catchup: Lisa is good friends with Jen and long-lasting pals with Meredith, who has beef with Jen. Anyhow, this whole scene is only here so we can watch Jen say, “Girl, you understand Ill go to jail for you. Alas, Lisa tries to persuade Meredith that she requires to take the first action and open herself to an apology from Jen. Lisa compares arguing with Heather about not understanding each other in college to Jen intimidating Merediths family for the last 2 years. BINGO!!

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