Who Said Dat?! #RHOP Pot Stirrer Mia Messily Exaggerated Gizelle’s ‘Weak B***’ Comment–But Karen Came To Her Defense

Every housewives franchise requires a pot-stirring bone collector and thankfully for Potomac fans, there s an admittedly unpleasant meemaw on hand.

Source: SOPHY HOLLAND/ Bravo

Robyn confronts Wendy. (Source @BravoTV @NBCUniversal) #RHOP pic.twitter.com/Jcg03UPRCf.
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As formerly reported Wendy was STEAMING mad at Gizelle for gossiping about Eddie Osefo unfaithful claims and said that Gizellee s existing dogs life is God s payback for her transgressions. With that, she neglected Gizelle throughout an uncomfortable dinner and asked forgiveness to Gizelle s bandit bestie Robyn Dixon for shading her too throughout the tirade.

Gizelle in truth did NOT call Wendy a weak b *** and rather said she if were going to fall apart over reports then this group might not be for her.


Robyn did decline the apology.

On Sunday s episode of #RHOP, viewers saw newbie Mia Thornton once again be implicated of lying, this time about a comment Gizelle Bryant made about Dr. Wendy Osefo.

According to Karen, however, it was still shady and the message was the exact same.

Wendy: I would love for you to discuss to me why the moment I left your home you stated, she s a weak b ***.
Gizelle: Who said that?!.
Mia: You did!.
Gizelle: I didn t state that.
Mia: Well, that s what I translated it as.

Wendy faces Gizelle on what Mia informed her about Gizelle calling her a Weak B ****. (Source @bravotv @nbcuniversal) #RHOP pic.twitter.com/xoiFKlMb0D.
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I concur however what do I understand. https://t.co/7pBiWQO3Pp.
Mia Thornton (@mrsmiathornton) August 30, 2021.

That bummed off Wendy and she confronted a confused Gizelle about it directly.

and Mia agreed.

Later, while Wendy was recounting what went down with Karen Huger and Mia, Mia let it slip that Gizelle called Wendy a weak b *** behind her back for her caustic reaction to the rumors.

Weak Bi ** h or if you gon na collapse! I m with my lady @mrsmiathornton.
Karen Huger (@KARENHUGER) August 30, 2021.

#RHOP fans nevertheless aren t convinced but they re certainly tuning in to see what Mia states next

Ok. I m a broken lying a$$ flip-flopping slut from CHARLOTTE, whose other half discovered me in a strip club where I did things that landed me all the method up in the Penthouse with Big AF feet. Now what?.
Mia Thornton (@mrsmiathornton) August 30, 2021.


In case you missed it, Mia doesn t take too kindly to being called a liar. She previously blasted Candiace Dillard for implicating her of lying at every turn and called the #RHOP vet a puppet.

i m sobbing mia is messy. i believed she stated it too. #RHOP pic.twitter.com/XQF1n3oL3E.
(@tIkingtothemoon) August 30, 2021.

and chuckled off shade individuals sent her about satisfying her hubby while operating at a strip club.

If you gon na be a bone collector you got ta get it ideal sis #rhop pic.twitter.com/I4nQY7OK8w, Aww Mia bihhhh.
Ly (@Jaded_Beauti) August 30, 2021.

LOL!!! Listen. Messy Mia to the rescue! #idgaf https://t.co/wUsXjq2CvO.
Mia Thornton (@mrsmiathornton) August 30, 2021.

She does however own her messiness.

Are you NOT amused??? What do YOU think of Mia s most current #RHOP shenanigans?

Weak Bi ** h or if you gon na crumble! I m with my woman @mrsmiathornton. #RHOP pic.twitter.com/XQF1n3oL3E.
Messy Mia to the rescue! I m a broken lying a$$ flip-flopping whore from CHARLOTTE, whose spouse found me in a strip club where I did things that landed me all the way up in the Penthouse with Big AF feet.

Mia stated what she said.

This is entertainment tv correct? @BravoTV https://t.co/5xmoWhbw8R.
Mia Thornton (@mrsmiathornton) August 30, 2021.

Authenticity is frequently confused with being a flip-flopper because REAL people speak whatever they are REALLY sensation in that minute. https://t.co/v3DDBjCjk0.
Mia Thornton (@mrsmiathornton) August 30, 2021.

I similar to enjoy https://t.co/mOnD6RKSKw.
Mia Thornton (@mrsmiathornton) August 30, 2021.

Gizelle has likewise doubled down on her crumble comments, struck the flip for that.