The Proud Boys Complain About Being Single and Gee, I Wonder Why

At a “Fall Love Fest” rally in Los Angeles this past weekend, a pack of Proud Boys took a break from shouting “F-ck Antifa!” to let the sparse crowd know that numerous of them are single and “trying to find homemakers.” Its remarkable that these gents are single. You imply no female has signed up for a lifetime of cooking, cleansing, and offering sex for these red-pilled cult members? Color us surprised.

Are you single and prepared to socialize? Are you looking to live out your Donna Reed dream in some dudes moms basement? The Proud Boys are on the hunt for Mike Pence their future other halves!

At the Proud Boys Fall Love Fest rally in LA yesterday, speaker reveals that much of them are single and “searching for home spouses.”
— Ron Filipkowski (@RonFilipkowski) October 17, 2021

Are you prepared for a lifetime of schlepping milk everywhere you go simply in case your bonehead hubby mistakenly pepper sprays himself again? And are you ready for a male who will invest your kids college fund on tickets to see Joe Rogan live? JK, college is for gay liberal elites.

Now, weve all had our fair share of bad dates and dreadful partners. And much of us have had a long and lonely pandemic. Trust me when I inform you: women, youre much better off alone. After all, do you truly desire to be stuck making Hamburger Helper over a travel Sterno grill in the car park of the Boise municipal government while your spouse rants about important race theory to complete strangers?

Many took to Twitter to mock these unfortunate little men and their romantic aspirations:

Proud Boys want “home better halves.” Ok, but initially mature to at least Proud Men.
— C. Walworth (@carlawalworth) October 17, 2021.

( image: screencap/Twitter).

The sad fact of it is, there ARE ladies out there who share the exact same unpleasant deem the proud boys. White ladies especially are no complete stranger to propping up systemic racism, xenophobia, and fascism. Best of luck, women. That jizz-covered Playstation controller isnt going to clean itself!

If you are seeking a spouse maybe a Proud Boys rally is not the very best location to look.
— Patrick W. Watson (@PatrickW) October 17, 2021.

Ladies, if youve always dreamed of satisfying a chubby guy with a tiny peen & & neckbeard who resides in his mommys basement & & enjoys old Hustler mags & & AR-15 discount videos, nows your possibility to wed one & & invest your days cleaning his tightie whities! #ProudBoys #losers #incels
— Mindful Primate (@MichellesDude) October 17, 2021.

” I mean technically its my mamas home however”
— BloodRiverFlow (@PearlRiverFlow) October 18, 2021.

” Looking for home wives”, AND being Proud Boys … Im so f * cking surprised many are single!!
— 7SeaTurtlesAllEndangered (@japalian7) October 17, 2021.

The Proud Boys are so thinking about discovering “home spouses” due to the fact that they require mommy stand-ins to look after them.
— Wombat Medic (@CallMeCookie) October 17, 2021.

CHRISTMAS IN TINSELTOWNA Hallmark Channel Production
: Its late Fall, theres a chill in the air, & & I am resigned to investing another vacation season alone
( both go into Starbucks).
— Dreamweasel (@Dreamweasel) October 17, 2021.

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Ok, however initially grow up to at least Proud Men. The sad fact of it is, there ARE females out there who share the exact same pain in the neck views as the happy boys.

Are you single and all set to mingle? Are you looking to live out your Donna Reed fantasy in some mans mothers basement? The Proud Boys are on the hunt for Mike Pence their future better halves!