#RHOP Feud Finally Finished?! Housewife Hubbies Michael & Chris Clash—But Are Candiace & Ashley Making Amends? [Exclusive]

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” I in fact believed she looked quite and I desired to tell her she looked quite however we had actually had so much animosity in between us, I was like Man I do not know if this is right..
I called my mom and Im like, Mom, Ive been let down so numerous times in the past when Ive attempted to make amends with Candiace. Do you think I should attempt this again?

Throughout Sundays finale audiences saw Karen Huger and her honey Ray get married again throughout a stylish staircase having, Macy Gray serenaded, vow renewal that all of the housewives attended.


Strike the flip for more on that including Candiaces unique take with BOSSIP on the situation.

Throughout the #RHOP After Show, both of the ladies weighed in on the possibility of them becoming pals once again and evaluated their civil time together at Karens vow renewal

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Candiace Dillard and Chris Bassett attended along with Candiaces mama Ms. Dorothy. By contrast, Ashley Darby attended solo at first, till her hubby Michael Darby showed up.

Eventually, Chris and Michael consented to squash things and shook hands.

And while fans saw a number of things during the ending, theyre pointing out that theres something, in specific, they didnt see;.

Candiace likewise said that she didnt “wish to live in controversial minutes with “somebody who doesnt deserve it.”.

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” You are not worthy of my smoke,” said Candiace. “You let the devil run amuck and simply break down and damage themselves.”.

Juan, who was present at the vow renewal, took it upon himself to try to get the other house-husbands to ask forgiveness to each other and volunteered as peacemaker.

Throughout The Real Housewives of Potomac ending, two housewives hubbies clashed but there might be hope for reconciliation between their respective better halves, and BOSSIPs got a special take on the circumstance.

If you can remember, Ashley actually introduced Candiace to the #RHOP fold back in season 3 however things went left in season 4 when Candiace questioned Ashleys drinking practices while she was attempting to develop.

According to Ashley, ahead of Karen Hugers vow renewal, she called her mother for recommendations on how to navigate her feud with her former pal.

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Ashley Vs. Candiace.

Reports are swirling that throughout the #RHOPReunion, Candiace and Ashley will bury the hatchet at last and return to being pals.

” This is the whitest opportunity,” she stated. “I have to go.

” We desire to squash this s– though, right?” Juan stated to Chris and Michael.

All the while their other halves were feuding, Ashley and Candiace didnt hop in and eviscerate each other as they have previously. In fact, they were actually cordial despite their recently shown “wide-body”/ “servant motorist” differences.

That caused an intriguing– and initially unproductive discussion between the two guys.

From there, things got nasty with Candiace sending out a “roach” tweet while Ashley was giving birth and Candiace tossing out Ashley from her “mothers house” while comprehending a butter knife. Bear in mind that?

Thats when Chris wife Candiace stormed and snapped off, something she informed BOSSIP she does not be sorry for..

Candiace and Ashley were cordial, however things were tense between Michael and Chris who formerly got into a physical dispute throughout Robyn and Juan Dixons holiday celebration.

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Chris: “Im going to say it right now, then Im going to let you enjoy your dinner. Whatever occurred at Juan and Robyns thing, it occurred right? And I can let it go.”
Michael: “I have a long memory and I dont like individuals being mean to my better half …”.
Chris: “I can understand you being distressed with her however to come at me the manner in which you performed in that moment, I felt was disrespectful.”.
Michael: “This is a backhanded method of attempting to do it. If you desire to ask forgiveness, be a male and stand up and say sorry. If you do not wish to apologize, do not tell me to ask forgiveness.”.
Chris: “Hold up …”.


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Michael continued to urge Chris to say sorry to him, and declined to take responsibility for his part in the previous issue.

Well, that wasnt very nice, Candy


According to Candiace, she and Ashley are in an “interesting location” and fans will see how things play out at the reunion

The two were actually recently found together socializing with Gizelle in L.A., so our spidey senses are telling us that they might indeed be back on track

” We get into this at the reunion” said Candiace throughout BOSSIPs #RealityRecap. One minute were buddies, the next minute were not, the next minute were arguing. I think this reunion, we finally kind of start to get to the bottom of some things.
” It was very interesting due to the fact that you believe you know these women and you believe you know how they believe and move and then youre shocked,” she included during BOSSIPs #RealityRecap. “I really am delighted for you people to show it plays out due to the fact that we get to an interesting place.”.

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Are you here for a possible Candiace and Ashley reconciliation???

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Watch Candiace on BOSSIPs #RealityRecap listed below

Candiace talking to Ashley? I called my mommy and Im like, Mom, Ive been let down so numerous times in the past when Ive attempted to make amends with Candiace.” You are unworthy of my smoke,” stated Candiace. According to Candiace, she and Ashley are in an “intriguing location” and fans will see how things play out at the reunion

” We get into this at the reunion” said Candiace during BOSSIPs #RealityRecap.