Nicki Minaj Throws Some Subtle Shade at Candiace Dillards Music Career at the RHOP Reunion

Nicki Minaj is stirring the pot as the host of the Real Housewives of Potomac Reunion.
E! Online has shared a sneak peek at the upcoming 4th part of the RHOP reunion, which is set to air Sunday (November 28).
In the clip, Nicki is seen questioning cast member Candiace Dillard about her music career, which has actually acted as a significant plot point in the new season.
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” Scale of one to 10, prior to that video came out, how successful do you think the song was going to be?” Nicki asked the girls of Candiaces new song “Drive Back.”
Mia Thorton quickly responded, “Negative 2.”
” From a place of hater-ation,” Candiace quipped.
Mia added, “From a place of honesty, sorry.”
Karen Huger stated that she thought the song was a nine.
” Look Candiace can sing,” she told the group. “ITs a 9 for effort, its a nine for skill.”
Candiace then added that her song had reached over half a million streams and was number 24 on the R&B Billboard chart along with number four on iTunes.
” No, this is essential,” Nicki reacted. “And for how long has it been out?”
When Candiace discussed that the tune had actually been out for two months, Nicki provided an intriguing look to her.
Part 4 of the RHOP reunion airs on Sunday, Nov. 28 at 8p. m. and you can take a look at the full clip here!
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