#RHOP: Candiace Claims There’s A ‘Double Standard’ When It Comes To Her Shade, Points To THIS #MarriedToMedicine Clip

Candiace Dillard isnt precisely sorry that she issued a “ya mom” diss Mia Thorntons way, because The Genuine Homemaker of Potomac firmly insists that theres a double standard.

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In an #RHOPReunion preview, Andy Cohen asks a viewer question to Candiace about the “ya mother is low budget” shade she released to Mia whose mother struggled with compound abuse and was formerly put behind bars.

Source: Greg Endries/ Bravo


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Andy then hops in and asks Candiace openly, “Hows that working for you? Truthfully, How is the way that you react to people working for you? You practically were physically attacked last year …” he includes hinting to the Cabernet Combat that took location in season 5 with Monique Samuels.

The viewer wondered if Candiace was actually uninformed of Mias moms history and Candiace once again insisted that she had no concept. She also included that Mia ought to be “grateful” that she only “joned” her with the “ya mom” diss.

Heavenly consistently said yo mama on Married2Med. When Candiace states it, its the worst thing in the world #RHOP.
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” I did not understand. I did not,” said Candiace. “If I knew that she had the injury that she has with her mother, I would not have stated that. I wouldve spoken about something else. What I will state is, that was– in the Black neighborhood, its referred to as joning. I was going light on you and what happened was, you were thankless.”

Hot box, ur a whore from Hampton, you appear like a slut on the street corner, you require to fill the hole in your heart and not between your legs, you miscarried due to driving while intoxicated, Mail order cooch– Ashley & & Karen. why is Andy gaslighting Candiace with these colorist birds? https://t.co/ZhG3iL4Vyl pic.twitter.com/cW3nVKYHEw.
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Candiace slander offers tickets. Move the bar for Candiace and the program offers out. Argue with your mother. And stream #DEEPSPACE https://t.co/LW1lPAyEyz.
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The answer is clearly B. Lol. But we like rhetorical questions. https://t.co/SGyvuCaGY8.
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I do not like Candiace … but how attempt Ashley, has she forgotten her mouth? And where was Andy with the exact same energy for Erika, Heavenly, Phaedra, Porsha … all these individuals are hypocrites https://t.co/UNFP0cg79c.
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Andy: “So if you say, Your mom is low budget, shes supposed to thank you ?!”.
Candiace: “What am I expected to do when she insults me?”.
Gizelle: “You saw that episode and you believed to yourself, Wow. I was validated in all of this! I didnt feel like your actions toward her were sensible …”.
Candiace: “What actions ?!”.
Gizelle: “Things coming out your mouth!”.
Candiace: “If I desire to respond verbally, hey there, welcome to the phase! Thats what we do!”


Candiace herself even retweeted a clip from “The Married To Medicine” season 4 reunion where Heavenly said “thats your mom” to Mariah Huq, a diss she used several times on the program.

( 5:50).

Was Candiaces “ya mama” diss that bad or is she held to a various standard? According to Candiace, its the latter.


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” So thats my fault that I was physically assaulted?!” asks Candiace.
” Well, youre the common measure …” responds Candiace who includes that “every housewife on stage” has actually stated “nasty” and “ill-mannered” things. “But because I am much better at it, I am in some way crucified!”


” The colorism conversation is one Im often careful of having,” said Candiace during BOSSIPs #RealityRecap. “I like to call it a kitchen area table conversation due to the fact that it can be misunderstood and misread in combined company, but I think the reward is higher than the threat. There are double standards, there are buzz words and canine whistles utilized like “aggressive”, “doing excessive” violent” or “mad” that are particularly used towards people who look like me or Wendy that are not utilized when someone whos light acts the exact same way; rolling their neck, doing all this with the finger, banging on tables– thats never ever labeled aggressive.
” If I do it, if Wendy does it– its just different,” Candiace added during BOSSIPs RealityRecap. “I am the villain, I am vile, Im nasty, I need to be fired. I have not said or done anything even worse than the rest of this cast. If you lined up everyones indiscretions everyone is basically on the same playing field.”.

Source: Greg Endries/ Bravo.

#RHOP Season 6, Episode 18 SNEAK PEEK 2. All New, Sunday 8/7c on Bravo. (Source @Bravotv @NBCUniversal) pic.twitter.com/IB8NuIlYpL.
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Paging, Dr. Heavenly! #MarriedToMedicines shade-sending dental expert has actually certainly been understood to send out “ya mother” shade, but audiences do not think Andy was appalled by it

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This is FAR from the very first time that Candiace has declared that theres a double basic when it comes to her.

Watch Candiace on BOSSIPs #RealityRecap listed below.

Strike the flip for that.

She also once again stated that colorism is afoot when it concerns her and fellow homemaker Dr. Wendy Osefo



” Candiace slander sells tickets,” tweeted the housewife.

“Obviously there were a lot of people who were upset by Ashlys ageist remark and in the moment I cant even believe she stated that. Her brand is to be really PC and be aware of what she says so she can then crucify me for not being mindful of what I state. The way the program works is– if Candiace says it.

Unfortunately for Andy, some Bravo watchers took terrific umbrage with him relatively blaming Candiace for in 2015s physical run-in and several agreed that Candiaces disses really arent that bad.

IMO, Candiaces mouth is no even worse than the rest … The shade Phaedra has actually thrown, Heavenly from Married to Med, s. 8 Reza from Shahs, Lala from PRules, the list goes on. #RHOP pic.twitter.com/fmPBXDSoUc.
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Candiaces comments made her fellow homemakers consisting of Gizelle Bryant cringe and Andy questioned Candiace about her sharp tongue.

@andy it was amusing when Dr.Heavenly stated your momma however its incorrect when Candiace says it????
— Drea (@DiamondLuv81) November 6, 2021.

Are YOU watching tonights #RHOPReunion at 8/7 c on Bravo?

I did not,” said Candiace. Andy then hops in and asks Candiace openly, “Hows that working for you? When Candiace says it, its the worst thing in the world #RHOP.
The method the program works is– if Candiace states it.” The colorism discussion is one Im frequently careful of having,” said Candiace during BOSSIPs #RealityRecap.

When a Reunion has this much ☕, you understand we had to make it 4-parts! Part ONE of the #RHOP Reunion fills us with Happy & & Ness, tonight 8/7c! pic.twitter.com/CpNFLVIl1b.
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