RHOP Sneak Peek: Nicki Minaj Puts Candiace Dillard’s Singing Success On Blast At Season 6 Reunion

Do we spy some major side-eye?

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The Grammy-winner looked surprised that the song is on the Billboard charts, undoubtedly crunching the numbers in her head. Candiace set the record directly about having more than half a million streams, landing her song at “number 24” on the R&B Billboard chart and “number 4 on iTunes.”

” You didnt pay it no mind, it was such a wack tune?” Nicki asked.

Karen Huger leapt in to protect, stating that she offers the song is a nine. “Look, Candiace can sing. Its a 9 for effort, its a 9 for talent.”

Nicki Minaj shook the table at the Real Housewives of Potomac season 6 reunion when she took control of the hosting responsibilities. Unlike Andy Cohen, Nicki was free to go for the jugular with the girls and state what the fans are truly believing. E! reports that on the fourth and final installation of the reunion, the Head Barb In Charge put Candiace Dillard in the hot spot about her career in music, which was a significant source of drama.” Scale of one to 10, prior to that video came out, how successful do you believe the song was going to be? With 10 being the most successful and one being a flop,” Nicki asked about the tune “Drive Back.”

Candiace made fun of the question and Mia Thornton, whos been beefing with her throughout the season and throughout the reunion, didnt miss out on a beat to react, “Negative two.”

When Nicki clarified that theyre determining the success of the song and expectations of whether it would go platinum, the Grand Dames diplomatic response was cut short.

” From a location of hater-ation,” Candiace scoffed.

Mia reacted, “From a location of sincerity, sorry.” She then stated that she didnt really listen to it and ignored the song playing in the background at the video shoot.

Nicki seemed to shoot her a dubious but subtle side-eye before the sneak peek ends when Candiace followed up stating the tune had been out for two months. Inspect it out on your own.

What do you believe Nicki will say next about Candiaces music career?

Karen Huger jumped in to protect, stating that she provides the song is a 9. “Look, Candiace can sing. Its a 9 for effort, its a nine for talent.”

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