#RHOP’s Radicchio Ruckus And The Other Wildest Reality TV Moments Of 2021

We here at BOSSIP like reality TV and this years eye-popping unscripted television did NOT disappoint.

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Last years wildest truth television moments consisted of Real Housewives of Potomac binder bashing, Kardashian sibling scuffle, and Joe Exotics outright obsession with Carole Baskin.

This years list includes turbulent marriages, cheating claims, and an infamous radicchio commotion.

Have a look at our leading picks.

#LAMH: Martell Confirms Hes Expecting A Child Outside Of His Marriage, Mistress Accuses ALL The Men Of Cheating

” Love & & Marriage: Huntsville” has actually been filled with stunning moments, but probably none more shocking than Martell Holt verifying that he had a baby en route.

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The 2 now have a son and Arionne recently made headlines by accusing all of the spouses of the OWN program of unfaithful..

Who do you agree with here? #MarriedAtFirstSight pic.twitter.com/TQ9nk8EUqs.
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After sleeping with her twice prior to saying hes “not attracted to her” …

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Perhaps the biggest reality television villain of 2021, Chris Williams made headings for his wild antics on “Married At First Sight.” As previously reported the entrepreneur who was engaged three months prior to his wedding event stated he was looking for a “freaky submissive” wife to have up to 7 kids with and displayed hazardous and bothersome habits while damaging his other half Paige Banks, a successful accounting professional looking for a delighted ending.


Fast-forward to the #LAMH reunion and separated Martell verified that he cheated with the lady throughout the pandemic despite formerly likening her to a “peasant.”.

Probably the most significant reality television villain of 2021, Chris Williams made headlines for his wild shenanigans on “Married At First Sight.”.

#MAFS Messiness: Chris Williams Causes Chaos With F-Boy Behavior While Married To Paige Banks, Viewers Urge Paige To Leave.

Back in a February episode, Martell discussed his impending divorce from Melody and dropped a bombshell; his multiyear girlfriend Arionne was pregnant.

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Chris started the ridiculousness at their wedding with improper concerns about birth control and shade towards his new brides looks [in front of her bridesmaids]

What a wild minute.

he exposed on their honeymoon that his ex-fiancee, whom he was still in love with, was 6 weeks pregnant with his kid

Undecided?! #MAFS pic.twitter.com/Yr9fZul1EQ.
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but Paige finally pulled the plug and fans rejoiced.

Alexia ended things immediately and later on, Kai said that she and Darion were really in a relationship while he was still dating Alexia.

Karen later ethered Gizelle with a comment about her university Hampton University and a reference of Sing Sing, a closed prison in Ossining, New York.


After their honeymoon, Chris informed Paige that he wanted a divorce and had currently talked to a divorce lawyer.

Gizelle: “Shes obsessed with my coochie because we all understand the dingdong at her house is broken.”.
Karen: “Gizelle, what you will not do is disrespect my hubby when your dingdong remains in everybody elses vagina.”.
Gizelle: “At least it works …”.
Karen: “Youre a broken wh * re from Hampton University and everybody understands it and thats why we went to Sing Sing.”.

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Karen: “You want to speak about your fiery box thats on fire and thats why you cant keep a man? Do you wish to do that?! Oh yes she has a hot box. Tell everyone whats going on in between them legs of yours.”.

” Youre a broken slut from Hampton University.” THE GIRLS ARE FIGHTING!!! I LOVE IT HERE !!! #RHOP pic.twitter.com/rKhKqtrC9L.
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RHOP Pettiness: Mia And Candiace Get Into A Raddichio Ruckus Over Low Budget Shade Trade.

The premiere of The Real Housewives of Potomac started with fireworks thanks to forever frenemies Karen Huger and Gizelle Bryant.

Gizelle: “We all know I cant stand Karen …”.
Karen: “The sensations mutual.”.
Gizelle: “Me and intoxicated Karen will probably never ever be good. So, I have actually decided that Ill simply inform the fact– your whole reality, your intoxicated reality, your cheating truth …”.
Karen: “Shut up, just stopped talking!”.
Gizelle: “Ill spread it out over time, dont stress. I wont tell it all tonight, Ill spread it out.”.

Regardless of that, the two didnt end things and still had a ludicrous on-again/off-again “marriage” that consisted of day-to-day unprotected sex and stress over Chris purchasing his pregnant ex a Benz. On Decision Day the two actually deliberated for SIX hours over whether they must end things …

Karen later on excused bringing the prominent HBCU into her diss, but the infamy of the comment resides on.


Misdirected anger is a desperate effort to not own your own lies. #rhop.
— Karen Huger (@KARENHUGER) July 12, 2021.

The Grand Dame and her fellow O.G. butted heads throughout Dr. Wednys nude-themed celebration where the four-degreed teacher revealed off her breast enhancement outcomes.

Throughout a Dr. Wendy Osefo hosted couples journey, Mia doubled down on Candiaces video being “low budget” and told Candy to “take it as useful criticism” due to the fact that “its organization.” Candiace called Mia a “nightcrawler” [woman of the street] prior to calling her hubby Gordon her “pimp” and advised him to feed her lettuce that she tossed Mias method. Candiace: “Feed her, shes starving!”.
Mia: “You require to mature!”.
Candiace: “You began with me and you require to discover how to end up!”.
Mia: “It was low-budget!”.
Candiace: “Your moms low-budget, go cry about it in your room. F *** you, Mia!”.
Mia: “F *** you!”.

Karen Huger Calls Gizelle Bryant A “Broken Whore From Hampton University”.

Source: OWN/ Put A Ring On It.

On the show that included them getting counseling from relationship professional Dr. Nicole and dating other people, the 2 continuously butted heads over Darions “crashpad condominium.” The host was adamant that it was just a house he remained in after late nights at music studios, but Alexia didnt buy it and thought he was cheating.

” Put A Ring On It”: Darion Confirms He Slept With Kai Behind Alexias Back.

Candiace answered back that Mias mama is “low budget plan”, a stinging diss considering that Mias mommy was previously incarcerated and was a recuperating addict. Candiace later asked forgiveness for the comment and stated she was uninformed of Mias “mama injury”—- but not prior to lettuce leaves went flying.

Later, an upset Gizelle tried to tear into Karen because she was still salty over The Grand Dames questioning of her relationship with Jamal Bryant. Remember Karen and Monique Samuels “Is Jamal coming? Obviously not” shade at the #RHOP reunion?

Alexias dispositions were ideal and in a stunning minute, Kai broke the unfaithful news throughout a “closure meeting” between her and Darion. When Kai noted that the unfaithful took place at the apartment that Alexia prompted Darion to get rid of for years, Jaws dropped even further.

Karen then turned up the heat [pun intended] and declared that Gizelle has a “intense box.”.

Mia and Candiace throws salad at each other. (Cliffhanger) (Source @BravoTV @NBCUniversal) #RHOP pic.twitter.com/E6NGRBEccE.
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In specific, she was suspicious that he was sleeping with a female called Kai who he went on multiple dates with.

When a rookie clashed with a vet over some dubious comments, this season of #RHOP made headlines. Some #RHOP pettiness ensued this season when Mia Thornton and Candiace Dillard went head to head over Mia calling Candiaces “Drive Back” music video shoot “low budget.”

Karen: “You are a damaged whore from Hampton University.”.
Hamptonians: pic.twitter.com/kXdtZ6ZHbH.
— A. Diva, ESQ (@MsWitts) July 12, 2021.

On “Put A Ring On It” season 2 audiences met Alexia and Darion. The previous basketball player and the Field Mob rapper were trying to see if they would make it down the aisle after 14 years of on and off dating.

Candiace was later grilled at the [Nicki Minaj hosted] reunion about her caustic clap backs

On The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 13, newbies LaToya Ali and Falynn Pina entered a headline-making golf club clasping altercation on the program.

Simply moments later, however, the ladies who were questioning if they need to cancel the journey altogether observed that authorities and Homeland Security officers collected around their lorry.

She then demanded that someone serve her a mixed drink.

This was my bulls ***” stated Ryan.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is currently having a standout season and it mostly revolves around Jen Shah.

Uh oh, Zack said the “D” word … #MAFS pic.twitter.com/QgApLfJXS2.
— Married At 1st Sight (@MAFSLifetime) October 21, 2021.

That is, up until they had another blowup, this time while on a couples retreat.

” Theres no housemaid here that can help a sis out, a chef here in this huge ole kitchen?! Somebody needs to serve me,” said LaToya.

They had a substantial hiccup nevertheless when Zack unceremoniously left their marital apartment or condo in the wee hours of the early morning and according to Michaela, ignored to answer his phone or leave a note. That sent Michaela spiraling and she aggressively confronted a pack of Chlorox wipes by slamming them on the table. She then loaded her bags and left.

Ryan who was going through therapy then told Anthony that his creeping with the infant mom was “self-sabotage” because hes “not a rational person.”.

A category 5 hurricane touched down on #MAFS season 13 during a marital relationship that started strong however went downhill.

” Yeah, yeah I knew that […] Due to the fact that you look like you date older guys with cash.”.

#BlackInkChi: Ryan Confirms He Had Sex With Friends Babys Mother, Brazenly Says THIS.

After inviting all of the ladies over for a Halloween celebration, a Medusa costumed Falynn was as soon as again subjected to shade from LaToya who said,.

#MAFS Michaela Turns Into Hurricane K.

Why? Well since Ryan declared that Rachel wouldnt let him see their sons following the scandal and compared him to a “psychopath.”.

Source: Courtesy VH1/ ViacomCBS.

Jen then explained the “internal bleeding” news to the other girls and left expeditiously.

Zack then exposed through confessional that he and Michala consented to “divorce however still date”, and when Michaela continued to ask why that should happen, she hated his response.

Falynn shook off LaToyas ageism shade at first but when LaToya brought her husbands age once again, this time while in Falynn and Simons home, the mom/philanthropist was none too delighted.

Source: Bravo/ Bravo TV.

” If we got a divorce, then we wouldnt be wed any longer,” he discussed. “So then we d be in different scenarios, so then we d see what happens then …”.

Back in March the homemaker was apprehended and is dealing with federal charges of conspiracy to devote wire fraud in connection with telemarketing, and conspiracy to dedicate cash laundering in connection with an enormous multi-year telemarketing fraud.


Source: Bravo/ Bravo TV.

Michaela firmly insisted that Zack ought to go however as he was exiting, she got his luggage and stormed off with it while fellow #MAFS participant Bao enjoyed nearby. After Zack drove off, Hurricane K really touched down and she tipped over furnishings and broke a glass while being kept back by a #MAFS manufacturer

Later on, after LaToya called the celebration “boring” and was leaving, Falynn voiced her displeasure with LaToya disrespecting her spouse and the “empire that they built together.” That only triggered LaToya to be even more rude with comments about Falynn allegedly having 3 infant daddies and attempting to “get up all of it night” with her husband. An irritated Falynn then went going through her house to the garage where she got a golf club seemingly to attack LaToya.

” I just got a telephone call and Sharrieff Sr.s in the hospital, he has internal bleeding, so I require to go. I do not actually understand whats going on …”.

#RHOA: Falynn Gets Into A Golf Club Clasping Altercation With LaToya Ali.

” This is a beautiful home by the method,” stated LaToya. “This is what dating a 65-year-old does. Put me on hunty, Im trying to live like this!

Fast forward to a November episode of #RHOSLC and audiences saw Jen find out in real-time that something was awry.


A complete lie, obviously.

The reality stars assistant Stuart Smith was likewise jailed and faces the same charges. The 2 pleaded not guilty during an arraignment in April.

On the VH1 program, the tattoo shop owner and his estranged childhood pal Anthony Lindsey dealt with each other to deal with the scandal and it looked like Ryan wanted Anthony to “overcome it” and address his wrongdoings too.


” I dont agree that marital relationship is more work than I thought it was going to be. “Marriage with you is way more work than I believed it would be.

Simon Guoabdias age. Throughout a BLM party for Porsha Williams, an icy LaToya asked Falynn about her spouse and when Falynn, whos in her early 30s, exposed that her spouse Simon was 56-years-old, LaToya said;.


On the program, Jen was seen alongside fellow homemakers boarding a bus to travel to Vail, Colorado for a cast trip. The girls were joined by the production group who checked the electronic cameras on the bus and gotten ready for the days shooting.

Michaela then had a classification 1 typhoon disaster and stormed off while chuckling in shock.

On “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” Ryan Henry came tidy about sleeping with the mother of his finest buddys child– but he did so with an attitude.

” Shes the first individual you went to due to the fact that you understood … that was the quickest and most powerful method to harm me back,” said Ryan.

After that blow up, the two struggled to get on the exact same page although they concerned a Pastor Cal helped comprehending that Michaelas outburst was because of abandonment problems. Later in the season, they quarrelled about sleeping plans but they appeared to smooth things over during a staycation.

The Feds Come Looking For Accused RHOSLC Fraudster Jen Shah, She Lies And Says Her Husband Has Internal Bleeding.

After a talk and contract to oversleep the exact same bed due to the fact that it will be “fun as constantly” as Zack said, the 2 disagreed about the troubles of marital relationship.

Later on Michaela had a category 5 explosion after Zack chose to leave, something that Michaela motivated.

If it was a prank however it was in fact far from it, the ladies were of course befuddled and a number of wondered. Officers pressed producers about Jen Shahs location and Jen was detained later on that day.

While the cams were rolling, Jen got a call from her husband, Sharrieff a.k.a. “Coach Shah” and she was heard asking him, “I need to go to your house?!”.

Michaela, a 30-year-old real estate agent, and Zack, a 27-year-old entrepreneur, were giddily wed as strangers and immediately clicked.

Falynn is also engaged and just recently welcomed a child with her assistant Jaylan Banks..

Jen has continued to plead her innocence as the girls continue to egregiously gossip about her potential fate.

On this season of #BlackInkChi the two who previously compared each other to “siblings” took a seat and spoke on the circumstance– and the talk did not discuss smoothly at all. Rather of being completely apologetic for his actions, Ryan was seemingly hung up on Anthony going to tell Rachel about his disobediences.

Falynn and Simon of course have actually given that divorced and hes engaged to Falynns #RHOA costar– however not good friend, Porsha Williams.

Thats when things took a turn and the reality star asked fellow housewife Whitney Rose to turn her mic off so she could have a private discussion. After getting off the phone with her hubby, Jen announced that to fellow housewife Heather Gay that she had “some problem” and said her partner was hospitalized with “internal bleeding.”.

Source: Bravo/ Getty.

Adding insult to injury, Ryan is the godfather to Anthonys child and while feeling betrayed, the ex-friend informed Ryans childs mother Rachel what went down.

Mind you the 2 had JUST had a discussion about “storming off” and Michaela called that habits “mentally violent.”.

Source: Falynn Guobadia/ Falynn Guobadia.

Falynns husband Simon held her back however while she screamed in anger.

Back in October of 2020, Ryan was blasted for sleeping with the mother of Anthonys child after the father who was battling cancer at the time found their sexting

Michaela shared that “marriage is a lot more work than anticipated” however Zack, who declares hes been all set for marital relationship given that 17, stated and countered “marital relationship to Michaela” is whats actually challenging, not marriage in basic.

#RHOA Strippergate: Kenya Moore Accuses Porsha Williams Of Sleeping With Bolo [And His Thang]

There was LOTS of dungeon debauchery afoot thanks to “Mistress Angel” Kandi who brought the super-sized schlong slinger to be the evenings entertainment and apparently after the #HOA production tema left, “Bolo After Dark” went down.

On the program, male entertainer Bolo (” and his thaaang”) turned the Charleston ladys trip upside down with his moves during Cynthia Baileys bachelorette celebration.

Bolo formerly denied sleeping with Porsha and Tanya mentioning his professionalism.

P: “Where you goinnn?” #RHOA pic.twitter.com/vXgTLhzTGw.
— The Peach Report Daily ™ (@ThePeachReport) February 17, 2021.

” I do not agree that marital relationship is more work than I believed it was going to be.” This is a stunning house by the way,” stated LaToya. An irate Falynn then went running through her house to the garage where she got a golf club relatively to attack LaToya.

After Bolo left at 7:00 a.m., Kenya Moore dropped a bomb and said she heard “sex sounds” coming out of a bedroom from two ladies who were sleeping with the unique dancer.

Later on, #RHOA good friend of the show Tanya Sams name was thrown in the mix and the classy and peeved Canadian stopped recording right after while vehemently rejecting the allegations.

Porsha and novice LaToya Ali constructed out, Drew Sidora got another dance from Bolo who put her face down on a coffee table and the girls stayed up until the wee hours of the early morning.

Mentioning Porsha Williams, #RHOA season 13 was largely focused around her and what apparently decreased on a cast trip.


After Bolo left at 7:00 a.m., Kenya Moore dropped a bomb and stated she heard “sex sounds” coming out of a bedroom from two ladies who were sleeping with the unique dancer.” This is where she wants her ending to occur and Im not gon na offer it to her,” said Porsha on the #RHOA after program.

Porsha who was single at the time implicated Kenya of attempting to get a response out of her and blasted her for being “miserable.”.

Infant im grown https://t.co/7S1UppynxN.
— Porsha Williams (@Porsha4real) February 22, 2021.

” This is where she wants her finale to take place and Im not gon na offer it to her,” said Porsha on the #RHOA after show. And so I simply kind of felt like in the past Ive always given her the power, Ive provided her the energy Ive chosen to engage and theres nothing but negativeness there.