Should you buy the Amazon Halo View or Fitbit Luxe?

Stylish physical fitness

Fitbit Luxe

A various technique

Amazon Halo View

If youre somebody who has actually refrained from purchasing a fitness tracker due to the lack of fashionable alternatives, youll have satisfied your match with the Fitbit Luxe given that its slim, smooth, and stylish. You likewise get lots of functions, consisting of activity/sleep tracking, stress monitoring, heart-rate tracking, and far more.

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You may prefer the Fitbit Luxe if you d rather have a more uncomplicated physical fitness tracking experience in the kind of an elegant wearable. Its loaded with features that do not count on a subscription, including activity/sleep tracking, heart-rate tracking, Active Zone Minutes, automatic exercise recognition, and more.

Activity/sleep tracking
Heart-rate tracking
Automatic exercise recognition
Stress, skin temperature level, SpO2 tracking
Sleek and elegant style

Lacks GPS assistance
Not really stylish
Depend on Halo membership

Amazon Halo View vs. Fitbit Luxe: Two various methods


If you desire to better comprehend your health with distinct metrics, you might enjoy the new, budget-friendly Amazon Halo View. Its a lightweight fitness tracker that digs much deeper into other metrics such as Movement Health and Body Composition. Keep in mind that youll need to devote to the Halo subscription, though.

For example, the Amazon Halo View is a no-frills fitness tracker largely dependent on its companion app. You get a year of Halo subscription free of charge with your purchase, but theres a regular monthly $3.99 cost. There are some interesting functions here, including Movement Health, Body Composition, and Tone Analysis, so that membership may be worth it.

$ 80 at Amazon


Shorter battery life
Smaller sized display screen


Activity/sleep tracking
Heart-rate tracking
Tension tracking
Movement Health
Battery lasts around a week

These days, searching for a physical fitness tracker produces numerous options, including the Amazon Halo View and Fitbit Luxe. Your decision in between these two will come down to what type of fitness tracker approach you choose.

The Amazon Halo View takes a different approach

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It comes in a sleek and durable stainless steel case with a flexible silicone band. Comparable to the Halo View, the Fitbit Luxe bands are interchangeable, so you can always switch things up when you seem like a modification. The AMOLED touchscreen is fairly little at just 0.76 inches, so swiping can be challenging at times, and the text is small.

Female health tracking.

Amazon Halo View vs. Fitbit Luxe: Which should you purchase?

The exact same type of privacy settings remain in place for the Body Composition function. Regardless of how in shape you are, these scans are quite intrusive, and many people wouldnt desire them getting into the wrong hands. Amazon states the body scan images are processed in the cloud and automatically deleted. After that, your 3D body model and scan images will only exist in your Halo app unless you have actually specifically selected cloud backup.

0.95-inch AMOLED
0.76 inch AMOLED

The Fitbit Luxe is loaded with all the features you could potentially need.

Amazon Halo View.

If you desire something that can double as a style device, its quite clear that the Fitbit Luxe is the much better choice. The Luxe offers some tracking metrics that you wont discover on the Halo View, such as tension tracking, female health tracking, and directed breathing.

When youre looking for a trendy physical fitness tracker, the Fitbit Luxe should be at the top of your list. Its fashionable without compromising on vital features, which is vital to health and wellness enthusiasts who want both. If youre currently a fan of Fitbit, however youve been holding out for something trendy, youll love the Luxe.

The Body Composition feature works likewise, but its more involved. Youre advised to wear minimal clothing when taking these scans. The app utilizes the electronic camera to take a 3Ds can of your body and measure your body fat percentage. Your results will inform you where you fall for individuals in your age group and whether your body fat percentage is too low, healthy, or high. Depending upon your history and future objectives, this function may be a bit too black and white. It may also make users uneasy, which is understandable.

The Tone analysis function was previously readily available on the Halo band, but the microphone was built into the tracker. This time, youll need to utilize the mobile phone app to utilize this function. The Tone analysis evaluates the level of energy and positivity in your voice. Amazon states this feature is designed to assist you better comprehend how they may sound to others.

Source: Jeramy Johnson/ Android Central.

If youve ever utilized a Fitbit gadget before, you understand that they all provide a few of the exact same basic functions. The Fitbit Luxe is packed with all the functions you might potentially need, including activity/sleep tracking, 24/7 heart-rate tracking, stress tracking, guided breathing, Active Zone Minutes, and 20 workout modes with SmartTrack automatic workout acknowledgment. It likewise uses skin temperature level readings and blood oxygen tracking.

One function within the Halo app that caught my attention is Movement Health, which utilizes computer system vision (CV) and artificial intelligence (ML) to evaluate the users stability, mobility, and posture. Youll turn on the smart device camera, stand in the frame, and follow a few motions displayed on the screen. When the assessment is complete, users get tips for a custom program with restorative exercises to assist enhance particular motions.

Automatic exercise recognition


So, what sacrifices do you have to produce a trendy fitness tracker? For starters, this small however magnificent device just provides 5 days of battery life. This isnt a bad figure, however Fitbit is understood to offer longer stretches than this. Also, while you do not have onboard GPS, you can utilize linked GPS through your mobile phone– something you wont find on the Halo View.

Battery life
7 days
5 days

Fitbit Luxe.

While it may seem disappointing that the tracker itself does not use more functionality, the real bread and butter lie in the Halo app. Upon purchasing your tracker, youll have a complete year of subscription for free.

Fitness and fashion integrated.

Source: Courtney Lynch/ Android Central.

In case you didnt know, the brand-new Halo View isnt Amazons very first effort at burglarizing the physical fitness tracker market. The Amazon Halo band was the very first attempt, and it had actually blended evaluations, partially due to the fact that it featured a distraction-free design without any display screen for users to communicate with. Thankfully, the Halo View brings some terrific enhancements, including a 0.95-inch AMOLED touchscreen.

While taking the mic off the tracker was an action in the ideal instructions, there are still worries about personal privacy with the Tone analysis function. While this may be enough peace of mind for some users, I still question whether anybody actually finds this function beneficial, to start with.

A different technique.

Accelerometer, heart rate, SpO2, skin temperature level
Accelerometer, heart rate, SpO2, skin temperature level

The Tone analysis feature examines the level of energy and positivity in your voice.

If you want a solid fitness tracker without needing to compromise your love for style, the Fitbit Luxe is for you. Its more expensive, however a membership isnt needed. The screen is little, and the battery life isnt awfully long, but its a terrific option for stylish folks who want the essentials.

Amazon Halo View
Fitbit Luxe


Another perk that users will appreciate is the Health Metrics dashboard. This function is offered in the Fitbit app and supplies you with comprehensive metrics, including your heart rate irregularity (HRV), breathing rate, and resting heart rate (RHR). Users can find trends by benefiting from the seven-day view of these metrics. If youre interested in a Fitbit Premium membership, youll likewise be able to track your personal ranges and regular monthly patterns.

You can have physical fitness and fashion with the Fitbit Luxe.

The device is incredibly light-weight and comes with a soft TPU band, but you can decide for other Amazon Halo View bands if youre not delighted with the standard one. You can see your sleep rating from the previous night, view your action count, start an activity, record a heart rate or blood oxygen reading, and examine alerts.

Tension monitoring.

Stylish physical fitness.

If youre working on improving your diet, youll value the brand-new Halo Nutrition function. This area of the app provides personalized tools to help members discover numerous healthy recipes. You can even utilize this function to prepare a whole week of tasty and healthy meals. If you have dietary constraints, set your choices accordingly and pick from numerous different menus, consisting of timeless, keto, Mediterranean, Nordic, vegan, vegetarian, and paleo.

If thats the case, you might be drawn to the Amazon Halo View. The Amazon Halo View isnt your typical fitness tracker, so make sure you understand what youre purchasing. The Halo app offers you with much deeper insights that will assist you monitor your development and improve your health and physical fitness over time.

How much do you would like to know?

The Amazon Halo View may be cheaper, however it also heavily counts on the Halo subscription. Without it, its a really basic tracker that can monitor your heart rate and track steps. If you like all the benefits of the Halo membership, the ongoing membership may just be worth it.

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The Amazon Halo View is a no-frills physical fitness tracker mainly reliant on its buddy app. In case you didnt understand, the new Halo View isnt Amazons first attempt at breaking into the physical fitness tracker market. The Amazon Halo band was the very first effort, and it had actually mixed evaluations, partially because it included a distraction-free design with no screen for users to interact with. Similar to the Halo View, the Fitbit Luxe bands are interchangeable, so you can always change things up when you feel like a modification. The Amazon Halo View might be cheaper, however it likewise greatly relies on the Halo subscription.