RHOP Star Ashley Darby Files For Legal Separation From Michael After Season 7 Starts Filming

“Marriage is simply so hard, and its truly tough being a public figure and having difficulties, and its much more tough when you choose to discuss them and say some things that arent always fitting the mold of what individuals think a marital relationship is or should be,” the Bravo star, who has been a regular fixture on RHOP since season one, informed Entertainment Tonight in September 2020.
Ashley and her millionaire property developer husband have been married for nearly eight years now, having actually tied the knot in May 2014, and they typically deal with speculation surrounding their love due to their 29-year age gap and being on television.
“If theres something that requires to be discussed, if theres an obstacle that we really do require to conquer or a problem we have to resolve, were going to resolve it,” she told ET.