Coronas & Cohabitation: Ashley Darby Says She & Estranged Hubby Michael Darby Still Live Together Despite Separation

Ashley Darby of The Real Homemakers of Potomac just recently opened up about her separation from her husband of eight years Michael Darby and surprisingly, the separated couple is still living together amid the split.

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” My kids are pretty young. My boy is 2, my other boy is 1, so they do not truly have an awareness. Michael and I are still cohabiting, were still under the exact same roof so no difference for them,” stated the housewife of her existing situation.

When asked how she was processing the recent split, Ashley told the programs hosts that she wasnt “really taking it in. ”

Ever since, the 62-year-old has vehemently rejected the claims and his prior felony and attack charges for the alleged sexual misbehavior occurrence were dismissed because of inadequate evidence. The ex-husband and wife share two young sons together.

Ashley, 33, dropped the bombshell confession while talking to FOX 5 DC this week.

Fans will get to see the ups and downs of Ashley and her ex-husbands marriage in the upcoming season of RHOP, according to the mother of two.

” It does limit a great deal of what I can reveal here. Theyre recording and all of that is unfolding,” she described.

Ashley and Michael leapt the broom in 2014 and 2 years later, the couple made their truth television debut on RHOP in 2016. The previous couple has been at the center of drama on the hit Bravo series due to sexual attack allegations brought forth against Michael. He was also accused of making sexual comments about another guy during a night out drinking.

She continued:

As formerly reported, on April 19, Ashley released a statement to the Daily Dish announcing her choice to part ways with Michael.

” Pieces of all these might have affected our pure love for each other, but no one factor is the origin of our mutual choice to go our different methods,” the declaration continued, before adding: “We are now both at extremely various stages in our lives and have different goals for our futures. “.

” Theres been a visceral detach between them as a couple. For Ashley, the inconsistencies within the relationship and trust problems caused the split.” The close confidante included that Ashley was all set to move from the marriage and to begin dating once again.

An expert close to the former lovebirds informed.
PEOPLE that the couple had “serious issues for about a year now.”


” She considers herself single and has been asking to be established on dates,” the source shared.

” We understand that there will be lots of speculative consider as to why we have made this decision. People will fast to presume that the causes were too much invasion by reality TV into the most personal parts of our lives, age space concerns, cultural problems, or child-rearing differences,” the statement read.


” Even though Im a public figure and I put so much of myself out there for public intake, ultimately– especially now that I have kids, what is most important is their wellness and my well-being. So, I appreciate the support Im getting. Thats great whichs all I can request for.”

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Ashley and Michael jumped the broom in 2014 and two years later on, the couple made their truth TV debut on RHOP in 2016. The former married couple has actually been at the center of drama on the hit Bravo series due to sexual attack accusations brought forth against Michael.” Theres been a visceral disconnect in between them as a couple. The close confidante added that Ashley was all set to move from the marriage and to begin dating once again.


Michael and I are still living together, were still under the very same roofing so no distinction for them,” said the homemaker of her current scenario.